Thoughts while getting 10,000 steps….


  • I can’t wait for the warm weather to be here… wait, if it’s warm out, I will sweat on my walks and then I have to shower before bed.  Thank you, long winter for keeping me lazy.
  • Have my neighbors given me a nickname yet?  I hope it is cooler then Penny Lane walker.  Maybe Ms. Walks-a-lot!
  • I know cutting corners will get me there faster but walking every right corner gets me more steps.  Good thing I learned the pythagorean theorem in middle school or I would be lost.
  • I gave up all my hobbies to walk.  Could I walk and do my hobbies?  Note to self: look into doing my hobbies while I walk.



Awkward and Awesome

Awesome - hiking in Seattle over Christmas.

Awesome – hiking in Seattle over Christmas.


  • Circling my car five times before getting in so I could reach 10,000 steps on my fitbit… on a full ferry ride. I am sure everyone thought I was OCD.
  • Informing my co-workers one of the items on my t0-do list was watering my rhino cactus plant.  They were concerned if I would get my task done, what a supportive team!
  • Finding a stain on my boss’ pants (in the back) but to embarrassed to tell him so I made our CTO do it.



  • The Yiddish Cowboys playing in the Jewish market place at the food store I go to.  There was an accordion player!
  • 2014 will bring 2 friend’s babies and a wedding and it’s only January!
  • Surprise flowers and pecan pie from Izzy when I got home today!

My 2013 Goals


On January 1, 2013, I decide not to have a New Years resolution but to make 2013 goals.  It eases the pressure and gave me the whole year to work on them.   I set goals for different parts of my life: spiritual, physical, professional and relational.  Some goals were easy to check off and measurable, others were more vague.  This allowed me the freedom to complete my goals in ways that worked for me and allowed me to grow as a person.

One goal of my goals was to run a road race this year!  I could choose any race of my liking a 5k or a marathon, see I kept it vague!  There is no way I was running a marathon but I could if I wanted to. 🙂  This November I will be checking this goal off my list.  Izzy and I signed up for the Turkey Trout on Thanksgiving Day!  The race is 5 miles long!  Other than wondering why I procrastinated and didn’t sign up for 5k last spring….  I think this race will be a good fit for me because it is less competitive than most races.

I have been running at the gym and in my neighborhood.  I am nervous because downtown Austin is hillier then my neighborhood. But excited to reach this goal I set!!!

Oh! The second best thing about this race, I could choose a gift card to Thunder Cloud Subs instead of a t-shirt!  haha forget the t-shirt, I can’t wear that to work!  Bring on the California Sub (no bacon) please!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

My Fall Festival 2013

Izzy and I tried a new routine this weekend, we cleaned, shopped, and ran errands on Saturday leaving Sunday to be a full day of rest!  I was so excited for this restful day that I nicknamed it my Fall Festival!  If I name the day it makes it more logical for a mini celebration.  Right?

After church I headed into the kitchen!

Apple Pie

First I made an apple pie with apples sent to me by my mother in law straight from a tree in Seattle.  The best way to use Washington apples is in a pie!

While it baked I painted my toe nails.  I took a photo of my toes with the plan to post it and then thought that it might be gross.  Most people think feet are gross!

Note to self, don’t take photos of your toes.


Back to the kitchen I went to make… spaghetti sauce!


The meat sauce we LOVE takes two hours to simmer so I started early!  You can find my recipe here!  It makes so much sauce I froze some and am giving some to friends with a new foster baby.

Lastly it was time to celebrate!  Our hilarious friend Steve came over to join in on the fun!


We kept joking it wasn’t a classy dinner party (Izzy shook parmesan cheese all over himself…. oh and I forgot to put garlic and butter on the garlic bread) but we laughed a lot!!!  Great friendships are the best!  Amen?

Austin City Limits



Austin City Limits is my town’s big musical festival each year and it is a great mix of different music and awesome musicians.  In years past I have gone for one of the days or a few of the shows but this year we had three day passes!  I got to enjoy one night and two full days of music.  My man made sure we were there for every minute we could be!  I gained 50 hard core points this weekend!

Here are my highlights from the weekend!

My partner in crime this weekend!

My partner in crime for the weekend!

Friday night we saw Vampire Weekend and Muse!

I love Austin!

I love Austin!

Saturday we saw:

Dan Crole /  Walk the Moon  /  Delta Rae   /   Portaguel the Man  /  Passion Pit  / The Cure

Ran into my sister at Walk the Moon!

Ran into my sister at Walk the Moon!

Friends at Passion Pit!

Friends at Passion Pit!


Courrier  /  The Mowgli’s  /  Noah and the Whale  /  Group Love  /  Toro y Moi  /  Phoenix

Sisters at Noah and the Whale!

Sisters at Noah and the Whale!



Favorites:  Walk the Moon, The Mowgli’s, and Phoenix

Bands I discovered: HAIM, Lissie, Delta Rae, The Lone Bellow, and The Mowgli’s

It was a great weekend and my feet hurt!  It is an awesome, exhausting experience seeing so many awesome bands in one weekend but I recommend it!  There is nothing like getting to see so many shows and discovering new artists in one weekend.

And if you were wondering, yes I dance like a fool at concerts!

Who do you want to see in concert?

Gratitude #1



Lately I am thankful for love presents from dear co-workers to celebrate the little things.


For weddings to remind me of the sanctity,  romance and fun of marriage.

For workouts that leave me sore and challenged to take care of the only body I have.

For quiet nights to refresh my soul after a busy week.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”
― Thornton Wilder

What are you thankful for?