Five Fact Friday – New Girl Addition

1.  I started reading healthy living and lifestyle blogs, and now I am finally motivated to start my own but I don’t know what my own voice will be and that makes me nervous. What will I post about? What will be the blog’s theme? Will I even like blogging? (Hello over thinking it!) So here I am just jumping in and hoping I find it along the way.

Lauren and Me

Lauren and I in 2006. She is the best!

2.  I get to meet my high school best friend’s daughter for the first time tomorrow. I can’t wait!!!  Seeing I have been best friends with her mom for 13 years, it is clear we will be BFFs!


3. Late to the party alert!  I started watching The New Girl on Netflix and finished the first season in a week.  Thank goodness for Fox airing the 2nd season 5 episodes at a time.  I can catch up and not binge.  Schmidt is my favorite character!  He is hilarious!!

4.  I made my first quiche this week and it was good… Next time I need to bake the crust first and then put in the filling to bake. Oops, it made for a non-flakey bottom, which is not terrible but I know I can do better.  I usually get the hang of cooking a dish the second time around.  Look out quiche number 2, I am ready for you!

5.  Now that WDP and summer school are officially over I spent this week relaxing, reading, and hanging with Izzy.  Oh and starting this blog…  I know we will add things to our schedule soon but I loved a week full of quiet evenings!!


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