Five Fact Friday – Cupcake

  1. I am skipping today’s blogtember  topic and doing five fact friday instead.  I enjoy writing light-hearted posts and because I am getting the hang of writing, I do what I want!
  2. We are going bowling at The Goodnight with friends this Saturday!  The Goodnight is a new local restaurant and bar in town. I can’t wait to check out the food and bowling and hang with friends.  I need to do a few push up before hand to help with my bowling game.
  3. Friday lunch club is my new favorite part about work.  Three of my work friends and I go to the same restaurant every Friday.  The employees know us, and our orders, then we spend an hour laughing! It is the best Friday treat after a long week!
  4. I made egg noodles as a side for dinner on Tuesday night.  My mom cooked egg noodles with butter all the time while I was growing up! I was missing it and decided to cook it myself, it hit the spot!  The only thing my dinner was missing is my seesters!
  5. Thursday Date Night returned last night! Our date night moved to the weekend for a while but it was fun to have one on Thursday night again.  We tried a new Asian restaurant and got some of our favorite cupcakes from Quacks!  The cupcakes are so big we only eat half, which is perfect because the dessert lasts for two nights. YUM!!

    Admiring the best cupcakes I ate yesterday!


I may be hungry… Four of the Five facts deal with food.  Time for dinner!  Talk to you soon!


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