Weekend Happenings

Downtown with my girls!

Downtown with my girls!

Rattle Inn

Drinks at the Rattle Inn with Megann, Pam, and Morgan!

Friday night was ladies night!  We were welcoming my friend Rachel’s twin sister Morgan to town.  Rachel moved to town 2 years ago and she finally convinced Morgan to move to town too.  We went to dinner at Frank and Angie’s for pizza and then went to drinks at the Rattle Inn.  A very fun night with the ladies!

I am a bowling professional!

I am (going to be) a bowling professional!

Saturday night we went bowling at a new restaurant and bar called The Goodnight.  A review to come but I loved that all the bowling balls looked like pool table balls!  My coach (Izzy) worked on my technique all night but no signs of improvement… Yet!

Hook 'Em!

Hook ‘Em!

The boys started the evening excited for the UT game.  You can google the score to know what the energy was like when we left.  My friend Gerri and I “disappeared” after bowling for fro-yo while they finished the game at the bar.  We told them it was to change the game mo-jo but really it was for the ice cream and girl talk!  We were having such a great time talking that our husbands had to remind us to return.  The best kind of girl talk! 🙂

My Mom and I!

My Mom and I!

Izzy and I got to join my mom for brunch at Zocalo!  They have some of my favorite eggs benedict in town so I was excited to share them with my mom.  The eggs benedict are on a sweet potato biscuit, they are awesome.  A great way to end a great weekend!

What exciting things were you up to this weekend?


One thought on “Weekend Happenings

  1. Hey Sweet Melissa! You had an awesomw weekend! Loved that it ended with one of my favorite people – my sister! X0 Beautiful weather here this weekend on the East Coast, sunny but no humidity but falll is in the air! Christie talked me into back to school shopping on Saturday…her last First Day of School tomorrow….sadder for me, right!! Today I went to Princeton University for the Pre-rade for the Class of 2017 – Shannon’s Friend Alana is a freshman at Princeton and I went with her mom to enjoy the day – the entire freshman class had to march from the downtown main street called Nassau Street and in through the Main Gates of the campus with upperclassmen, alumni, parents, princeton locals cheering. little flags waving Class of 2017 and the school band playing! So cool and got to see her dorm too – the whole campus is like Hogsworth! Well, thats all and Giants losing and Uncle Doc not to happy…..love you and Izzy too! Aunt Rosie

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