The GoodNight!

On Saturday night, Izzy and I joined a few of our friends at The Goodnight for dinner and bowling.  Izzy and I arrived there first so we grabbed a table by the bar to watch football.  After checking out the menu we started with the Five Cheese Mac.

5 Cheese Mac

The five cheeses were mozzarella, provolone, aged cheddar, Fontina, and aged Asiago.  It was the perfect combination.  Izzy and I both agreed the dish was awesome!

For dinner I had the Jolly Greens with chicken.



It was delicious! This salad had what I call “the trifecta,” pecans, dried apricots and goat cheese!   I am sucker for any salad with dried fruits, nuts, and a fancy cheese.

Izzy had the meatloaf sandwich with french fries.  He thought both were delicious!! Along with his Mexi-Cola (with refills ;)!  I stole a few fries, I agree they were awesome..

Hard to get a picture because it was dark but I tried!

Hard to get a picture because it was dark but I tried!

Right before our food arrived we moved to the bowling ally.  The bowling area has a retro theme, you even keep score on a score card. You really have to pay attention to the game and know how to tally the score.  The seating area for the lane is a little cramped especially when trying to bowl and eat but we made it work.  I would recommend eating before hand at a table.

It was fun to have all the evening activities in one place and the food was fabulous.  Izzy and I both agreed we would go back for just dinner or dinner and an activity again.  The goodnight also has pool tables, table tennis and private karaoke rooms, you can plan a fun evening to your group’s liking!


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