Confessions of a New Gym Attendee

I recently joined a gym which came with many irrational fears because getting in shape comes with irrational fears, right?

What goals? If I share my goals then my goals won’t come true…

I don’t want to get sore.  This has plagued me from the beginning of my fitness career, I hate being sore.  I add fitness into my life slowly so I won’t get ridiculously sore.  In college I added a minute a day to my running regiment to not get sore.

I hate being the newbie.  I don’t want anyone to know I am the new girl but I am terrible at playing it cool.

Are group fitness classes cool? I love group fitness classes but I have a fear that makes me uncool.  Wait, I’m not cool… Perfect, Body pump I am headed your way!

Today was my first workout at my new gym, I walked/jogged on the treadmill.  Remember I don’t like to be sore…

But in all honesty I am excited for my new gym. It is my first adult gym membership! I have friends at the same gym there are group fitness classes and a good location, I think it will be a good fit.

Look out sweat, I am coming for you!

Look out sweat, I am coming for you!


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