Weekend Happenings – Crazy Idea Edition

On Saturday night, Izzy and a friend went to the UT football game so my mom invited me over for dinner.  It was bulk pick up in their neighborhood so all the neighbors had “treasures” hanging out on the side of the road.  One treasure was calling my name! A 50 Inch Flat Screen TV.  I decided to take a chance and take the TV home. Insert cuts and bruises, that thing was heavy!

I hoped the whole way home it would work….

The sound worked... that counts right?

The sound worked… that counts right?

When the boys got home we tested it but only the sound seemed to work. Whomp whomp.  It was looking like a crazy idea fail.

Next Izzy shook the TV hard and we got this!

Slightly working TV

We celebrated and watched the rest of the football game on our 80% working free TV!  A girl can dream, right?

On Sunday while I was out boot shopping for my sister Julia’s birthday. Pause, check my mom’s and sister’s new boots!

Official Texas Girls!

Official Texas Girls!

My amazing husband joined in on my crazy idea and took the TV apart to see if there were any loose parts causing the screen issues.  But sadly there was not so it looks like the free TV can’t be fixed.

TV Inners

No, he is not an electrician but we wanted a free TV!

What did I learn through all this?

I married a man who supports and joins me with my crazy ideas.  To a life time of crazy ideas, Izzy!


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