My Fall Festival 2013

Izzy and I tried a new routine this weekend, we cleaned, shopped, and ran errands on Saturday leaving Sunday to be a full day of rest!  I was so excited for this restful day that I nicknamed it my Fall Festival!  If I name the day it makes it more logical for a mini celebration.  Right?

After church I headed into the kitchen!

Apple Pie

First I made an apple pie with apples sent to me by my mother in law straight from a tree in Seattle.  The best way to use Washington apples is in a pie!

While it baked I painted my toe nails.  I took a photo of my toes with the plan to post it and then thought that it might be gross.  Most people think feet are gross!

Note to self, don’t take photos of your toes.


Back to the kitchen I went to make… spaghetti sauce!


The meat sauce we LOVE takes two hours to simmer so I started early!  You can find my recipe here!  It makes so much sauce I froze some and am giving some to friends with a new foster baby.

Lastly it was time to celebrate!  Our hilarious friend Steve came over to join in on the fun!


We kept joking it wasn’t a classy dinner party (Izzy shook parmesan cheese all over himself…. oh and I forgot to put garlic and butter on the garlic bread) but we laughed a lot!!!  Great friendships are the best!  Amen?


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