My 2013 Goals


On January 1, 2013, I decide not to have a New Years resolution but to make 2013 goals.  It eases the pressure and gave me the whole year to work on them.   I set goals for different parts of my life: spiritual, physical, professional and relational.  Some goals were easy to check off and measurable, others were more vague.  This allowed me the freedom to complete my goals in ways that worked for me and allowed me to grow as a person.

One goal of my goals was to run a road race this year!  I could choose any race of my liking a 5k or a marathon, see I kept it vague!  There is no way I was running a marathon but I could if I wanted to. 🙂  This November I will be checking this goal off my list.  Izzy and I signed up for the Turkey Trout on Thanksgiving Day!  The race is 5 miles long!  Other than wondering why I procrastinated and didn’t sign up for 5k last spring….  I think this race will be a good fit for me because it is less competitive than most races.

I have been running at the gym and in my neighborhood.  I am nervous because downtown Austin is hillier then my neighborhood. But excited to reach this goal I set!!!

Oh! The second best thing about this race, I could choose a gift card to Thunder Cloud Subs instead of a t-shirt!  haha forget the t-shirt, I can’t wear that to work!  Bring on the California Sub (no bacon) please!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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