Do you have a messy or organized desk?

desk 2

A new study from the University of Minnesota shows a messy desk lends to creativity and an organized desk lends to healthy living and discipline.

Growing up my room was the messiest  and I spent most of my time daydreaming….  hmm

Mom, Dad I was being creative, that is why I never made my bed!

Check out the article!

Do you have a messy or organized desk?

When I am really focused, my desk is messy!

P.S. That office space looks awesome.


5 Fact Friday


  1. This is the only photo I took all week. (I am not counting accidentally taking a screen shot of my home screen…) It was cloudy and raining tonight but when we walked outside to go to dinner we were welcomed by this cloud!  It made me smile so I took a photo.  My goal for next week will be to take more pictures.
  2. Izzy calls English Muffins white people food but I call them the perfect bread for my egg sandwich.  To help curve my craving Izzy surprised me with cinnamon raisin english muffins. They hit the spot this morning!
  3. Dear Body Combat, no one told me punching the air for an hour would leave my arms so sore. But good job, I am determined to go back.
  4. I confess I am guilty of saying “I want to pick apples.” in the past two weeks.  I promise I am seeking help.
  5. #SheReadsTruth reading plan has left my heart rested and challenged by the Word each morning. #Thankful


What are you most excited about for fall?

Everyday Moments

Izzy and I wedding

Over a year ago Izzy and I went to a marriage conference, the speaker said something I have been thinking a lot about lately.  He said a marriage is not built on big moments but everyday moments of love and obedience.  Lately, I have been thinking about the importance of being faithful in the small moments throughout my life, not just my marriage.

There are times in my life that I am faced with challenges or temptation, I am learning that faithfulness comes easier when obedience is built through living it out everyday.  It is in the big moments you are tired and being tested, but it is in the everyday moments you build the perseverance and faith to stand strong.

The small moments build the big moments.

Just my thoughts, what have you been learning?

Weekend Happenings – Crazy Idea Edition

On Saturday night, Izzy and a friend went to the UT football game so my mom invited me over for dinner.  It was bulk pick up in their neighborhood so all the neighbors had “treasures” hanging out on the side of the road.  One treasure was calling my name! A 50 Inch Flat Screen TV.  I decided to take a chance and take the TV home. Insert cuts and bruises, that thing was heavy!

I hoped the whole way home it would work….

The sound worked... that counts right?

The sound worked… that counts right?

When the boys got home we tested it but only the sound seemed to work. Whomp whomp.  It was looking like a crazy idea fail.

Next Izzy shook the TV hard and we got this!

Slightly working TV

We celebrated and watched the rest of the football game on our 80% working free TV!  A girl can dream, right?

On Sunday while I was out boot shopping for my sister Julia’s birthday. Pause, check my mom’s and sister’s new boots!

Official Texas Girls!

Official Texas Girls!

My amazing husband joined in on my crazy idea and took the TV apart to see if there were any loose parts causing the screen issues.  But sadly there was not so it looks like the free TV can’t be fixed.

TV Inners

No, he is not an electrician but we wanted a free TV!

What did I learn through all this?

I married a man who supports and joins me with my crazy ideas.  To a life time of crazy ideas, Izzy!

Confessions of a New Gym Attendee

I recently joined a gym which came with many irrational fears because getting in shape comes with irrational fears, right?

What goals? If I share my goals then my goals won’t come true…

I don’t want to get sore.  This has plagued me from the beginning of my fitness career, I hate being sore.  I add fitness into my life slowly so I won’t get ridiculously sore.  In college I added a minute a day to my running regiment to not get sore.

I hate being the newbie.  I don’t want anyone to know I am the new girl but I am terrible at playing it cool.

Are group fitness classes cool? I love group fitness classes but I have a fear that makes me uncool.  Wait, I’m not cool… Perfect, Body pump I am headed your way!

Today was my first workout at my new gym, I walked/jogged on the treadmill.  Remember I don’t like to be sore…

But in all honesty I am excited for my new gym. It is my first adult gym membership! I have friends at the same gym there are group fitness classes and a good location, I think it will be a good fit.

Look out sweat, I am coming for you!

Look out sweat, I am coming for you!

The GoodNight!

On Saturday night, Izzy and I joined a few of our friends at The Goodnight for dinner and bowling.  Izzy and I arrived there first so we grabbed a table by the bar to watch football.  After checking out the menu we started with the Five Cheese Mac.

5 Cheese Mac

The five cheeses were mozzarella, provolone, aged cheddar, Fontina, and aged Asiago.  It was the perfect combination.  Izzy and I both agreed the dish was awesome!

For dinner I had the Jolly Greens with chicken.



It was delicious! This salad had what I call “the trifecta,” pecans, dried apricots and goat cheese!   I am sucker for any salad with dried fruits, nuts, and a fancy cheese.

Izzy had the meatloaf sandwich with french fries.  He thought both were delicious!! Along with his Mexi-Cola (with refills ;)!  I stole a few fries, I agree they were awesome..

Hard to get a picture because it was dark but I tried!

Hard to get a picture because it was dark but I tried!

Right before our food arrived we moved to the bowling ally.  The bowling area has a retro theme, you even keep score on a score card. You really have to pay attention to the game and know how to tally the score.  The seating area for the lane is a little cramped especially when trying to bowl and eat but we made it work.  I would recommend eating before hand at a table.

It was fun to have all the evening activities in one place and the food was fabulous.  Izzy and I both agreed we would go back for just dinner or dinner and an activity again.  The goodnight also has pool tables, table tennis and private karaoke rooms, you can plan a fun evening to your group’s liking!

Liz Carpenter Lecture Series

Monday night was a fun night out with my mom and sister Julia at the Liz Carpenter Lecture Series!

Julia, Mom and I

Julia, Mom and I

I heard about the Liz Carpenter Lecture Series at The University of Texas through a discussion group I am in at work about Sheryl Sandburg’s book Lean In.  I invited my mom to join me because I thought she would enjoy the lecture too.  She originally encouraged me to read Lean In because of how much she loved it!  My sister Julia joined too!  (And she got into college!! Whoot!)

Gail Collins, the first female New York Times op-ed editor, spoke about the journey of women from the 1960’s to the present.  Gail was a great speaker and story-teller.  I loved hearing her stories about women who faced adversity and fought for change over the past 50 years.  It was fascinating to hear that 50 years ago a woman couldn’t wear slacks to pay a parking ticket! If you got a job as a flight attendant your picture was published in the paper, but you couldn’t be married if you were a flight attendant.  Crazy!

It was a fun night all round!  We talked about Julia and my cousins going off to college, ate ice cream and pizza, and saw a college fire drill!  When walking back to the car there were a ton of students standing outside; it took me a second to figure out what was going on.  Finally I realized I use to stand around outside when my dorm had a fire drill! One time it happened in the middle of the night and my roommate almost couldn’t wake me up!  She thought I had died and was mad I was a deep sleeper! Ha! I told Julia to get ready for fire drills next year!  I use to fear a fire drill happening when I was in the shower, I am glad that never happened!

It’s not a full evening unless you’ve laughed and went to an intellectual lecture. That’s a saying right?

Have you read Lean In, did you like it?

Do your remember dorm fire drills in college? 


Shout Out to another awesome lady!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELSA!!!